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Meet the founders

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Maria Smithson


Maria moved to Chicago because she was accepted into the Illinois School of Professional Psychology's Neuropsychology Doctoral program. She decided to pause pursuing her doctorate because she read about the benefits of CBD, experience them in her own life, and knows there are stressed out women who need Brielle's products. Maria and Kate grew up culturing probiotics and are close to their brother (who owns two CBD companies).











Firoz George
Firoz is studying information science and entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also a student-athlete on the UNC varsity fencing team. He is interning at Brielle to learn more about entrepreneurship and the CBD industry.


Jonathan Haile

With four years of digital marketing experience, Jonathan joined Brielle to assist with website and social media content. 


Kate Smithson


After college, Kate moved to Colorado where she owned and operated a parent-nanny matching service called  “Kate Care LLC." Kate has a degree in behavioral analysis and a background as a wellness coordinator.

Our advisors

Mike Harshfield

Has 30+ years of business, technology, and operations experience. He’s brought products to market from leading blue-chip and early-stage companies to support the cannabis marketplace.

Cory Warfield

From dishwasher to sommelier, and now the CEO of ShedWool, Cory Warfield created a name for himself through LinkedIn, where he has 40,000+ followers.


Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

Truly the "x-factor" for our team, Cashew's immense experience in the business world combined with his adorable appeal creates an incredible workplace dynamic for Brielle.

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