4 Things You Should Know About CBD Dosing

#1: CBD Affects Everyone Differently

There are a number of factors that determine how your body will react to CBD. Body weight, condition(s) being treated, genetics, and metabolism all play an important role in calculating your optimal dosage amount.

Luckily, even at extremely high levels, CBD is tolerated well among humans and has no lethal dosage level. It will be difficult to achieve your desired benefits, however, if your dose is too low or too high.

#2: Know How Much CBD is in Your Product

Keep in mind that CBD concentration will vary between products. When it comes to capsules or gummies, you typically will know how many milligrams (mg) are in a single serving by simply checking the label. However, bottled CBD oil may require a bit of math to figure out how many drops you need to reach your dosage amount.

For example, Brielle’s 30 milliliter (mL) Propriety Better Blend CBD oil contains 900 mg of CBD in each bottle with one drop measuring at 0.05 mL. This means that each standard drop will contain 1.5 mg of CBD. In other words, if your recommended dose is 15 mg, you should take about 10 drops.

To determine how many drops of oil you need, use the following formula:

CBD dose (in mg) / 1.5 = # of drops needed.

#3: Start Low

If you’re unsure where to begin, it is recommended to start low and increase your dose as needed. You may start off with 3-6 mg of CBD each day for one week and gradually increase your dose until you find your most comfortable and beneficial level. Again, CBD affects everyone differently, so pay close attention to how your body is reacting before adjusting your amount. Many find it helpful to maintain a log to track any changes in symptoms, and you can easily do this by keeping a journal or writing your notes in your phone!

#4: Talk To Your Doctor

Before you follow any recommendations from friends, family, or other online resources, speak with your doctor to determine where to begin. If CBD seems like it may be helpful for you, he or she may have a specific treatment plan suited for the unique characteristics of your body and lifestyle. They may start you off on a higher (or lower) dose depending on what condition(s) you are treating.

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