CBD Longevity in the Body

Whether you’re a first-time CBD user or looking to make changes to your routine with a new product or different dose, you may be wondering how long CBD will stay in your body. This blog post will discuss the factors that impact the longevity of CBD and other important information that will help you achieve balance on your journey towards health and wellness.

Similar to the individual factors that impact your reaction to CBD and optimal dosage amount, there are multiple elements at play as your body absorbs cannabidiol and excretes it from your system. The way your body metabolizes CBD can depend on your weight and biological influences among other factors. 

So what else can impact how long CBD stays in the body?

Dosage Amount & Frequency of Use

There is a positive correlation between the amount of CBD consumed and the length of time it will remain in your system. CBD tends to stay in the body longer when consumed in higher dosages and/or at higher frequencies. For example, an individual consuming 50 mg of CBD twice per day will likely have the compound in their system longer than an individual who only consumes 10 mg once every couple of days. 

Method of Consumption

The method by which CBD is delivered to the body will also impact how long it will remain in your system. CBD oils and tinctures used sublingually allow for fast absorption into the bloodstream and extended longevity before excretion. Inhalation methods deliver CBD to the body faster, but it will exit your system faster as well. When you use CBD-infused lotions/creams or edibles, however, it can take longer for the body to both absorb and excrete the compound. 

Food & Metabolism

If you prefer an oral consumption method and want to increase the longevity of CBD in your system, you may want to take your product with a meal. Food slows down the digestion process, which extends the amount of time it takes to metabolize and eliminate CBD from the body.

Other Medications

Before adding a new CBD routine to your lifestyle, you should speak with your doctor about any potential drug interactions. Some medications may affect how your body metabolizes CBD. Cannabidiol also interacts with your body’s CYP450 enzymes and could impact how your body metabolizes other prescription medications. 

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Concerns about how long CBD stays in your body may also arise before a drug test. Although drug tests typically won’t detect the substance alone, full-spectrum CBD products containing trace amounts of THC may trigger a positive result. However, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products containing no THC will not impact the findings of a drug test. 

Research on the effects of CBD and longevity factors are ongoing, so there is not yet a concrete answer for how long CBD will stay in the system. What we do know is that multiple factors affect how your body reacts to CBD and how long it will remain active after consumption. The general consensus among experts says that CBD stays in the body for about a week at most after the last use. Frequent users and those who regularly consume high doses may find CBD lingering in their system for a longer amount of time, however. 

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