CDB - It's a Jungle Out There

by Dr. Lowell Feinstein, DO, MBA

I see cannabis derived products everywhere these days. Don't get me wrong, there is great potential pharmacologic-ally and physiologically from cannabis and its products. There are a lot of studies that already prove this. In some regards, we are at the infancy of the research and drug development from things especially CBD. It is unfortunate governments around the world have chosen to stifle development for so long. We are definitely behind where we could be with drug development to help many people. After all, so many of our pharmaceuticals are either direct extracts of plants or derivatives of them. I know this first hand, having been an Anesthesiologist using paralytics and opiates for patients routinely.

The thing I find worrisome is the rush of products, mostly CBD types to the market. Can we really trust the labels? Are the quantities of stated ingredients in these products accurate? Worse yet, I wonder about contaminates. How free are these products of pesticides, molds, and allergens? For instance, aflatoxins from mold are carcinogenic being implicated in liver cancer. Even though I am retired from practicing medicine, I get asked all the time by acquaintances about using CBD for a variety of conditions. I have done literature research on many treatments for pathological conditions where CBD has shown benefit. Just be careful. It is a jungle out there currently.






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