Feature: Interview with Personal Trainer & Certified CBD Coach, Kendra Solow

Tell us about yourself and how you got started with FemmePower... What is your mission?

At 23 with $0, I started Mind Body Physique while establishing a self-sustainable lifestyle in Oregon. The idea was to help people create a naturally healthy body through fitness and nature. I didn't have a clear picture of what that looked like long-term, but it felt right at the time. I'd advertise on craigslist, print flyers at the library, and travel more than an hour from my secluded yurt in the hills to train clients in the city.

Cannabis Fitness was something I used on and off for years while I was dealing with bulimia, depression, and anxiety. I didn't have the experience, education, or confidence to teach cannabis fitness to clients during the early days of MBP because I was experiencing it first-hand in my own healing journey.

It wasn't until moving to San Diego, California, in 2019 that I went full-in with Cannabis Fitness. I laugh because I never thought I would see myself creating a cannabis fitness biz! Cannabis and I have always had a weird relationship. I used to hate it because I had so many bad experiences with it. But again and again, cannabis would return without a doubt, always ready to teach me something when I was open to her healing benefits.

In 2020, I created three workout ebooks, traveled around the country filming cannabis fitness workout videos, hosted three Live cannabis wellness events and MBP was featured in the San Diego Reader for Cannabis Fitness! I'm excited to see where 2021 takes Mind Body Physique and the many years to come.

What is one quote or mantra you live by?

Be brave enough to be as strong as you are.

Tell us what a typical day might look like for you.

A classic day for me would be waking up around 7 am, COFFFEEEE, reading, journaling, and cuddling with my dog. Then usually my first cannabis fitness session of the day & then outside for a dog walk or running him on the bike (he's a cattle dog, so he loves herding things. Including me! lol)

Mid-morning is when I'll either run, dance, yoga, lift weights, or some kind of movement for at least 45 mins. Then it's time to EAT! I loveee avocado toast, oatmeal, or bacon & eggs cause it keeps me full for a while.

After some mornin' munchies, I'll hit the computer, answer emails, DM's and continue with any project I'm working on until my dog whines to go outside (usually a few hours). It's nice to get some earthing or sunbathing in during that time and then make some lunch. (meat salads are my go-to's) aka salad with any sort of meat in it!

After lunch, it's break time. I'll nap-itate for about an hour or so (yes, it's napping & meditating cause I usually dose off!)

Around 2ish I'll usually make tea and grab a snack to continue working on projects till about 5 pm then it's Kudi's second walk or bike for the day before training clients, getting in my second workout, and then finally dinner (baked meat salads lol) aka. kale, veggies, and a protein baked! or sometimes the occasional pizza or burrito :)

After dinner, I usually go meet up with friends, smoke on da herb, spin some fire, and decompress till heading to bed & watching an episode of the dog whisper with my fluffy guy!

That's a typical day in the office of MBP. Oh and I use my planner for everything, I'm constantly writing every detail down from food, to money in & out, my moods, everythanggg

What does the word Wellness mean to you?

Feeling good, doing good, and being good! I've spent so much time on the other side that I've learned; building momentum with healthy thoughts and actions creates a balanced, nurturing lifestyle that doesn't feel like work but rather play and pleasure!

What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care?

Turmeric baths, massages, solo time, learning something new, eating good, beach sunbathing, homemade facials, buying myself flowers and so much more.

If you could give our readers one piece of wellness advice, what would it be?

Start with what you have and be the coach you wish you had.

Where can our readers keep up with you? (Website, IG Handle, Youtube, etc.)

Website: & sign-up for my newest e-book! 3D Functional Foundations to Cannabis Fitness, Chakra Series! It's free.

Instagram: @mindbodyphysique


Youtube: Mind Body Physique



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